From the Founder’s Desk - Haus of Homez: A Dream Realized

Parimal Kumar

Jun 4, 2024

Haus of Homez

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Haus of Homez was born from a vision and hard work. It feels like just yesterday we started from scratch, watching our dream take shape day by day. Reflecting on our journey, setting up was no easy feat, but it felt as though every challenge was met with smooth perseverance. After our visit to Shirdi to seek blessings from Baba, the actual work kicked off, marking the beginning of an exciting adventure. Despite the scorching summer heat, our dedicated team worked tirelessly, leading up to our grand inauguration on June 4th of last year.

Our energetic and enthusiastic team has worked relentlessly throughout the year to ensure that every customer leaves happy. Each day brought new learning experiences, as we continually added new customers and moved forward. Every member of our team has put forth their best efforts, living and working together like a family. Celebrating festivals together, cutting birthday cakes, and lighting Diwali lamps have brought smiles to all our faces. I vividly remember one team member shedding tears of joy because he had never celebrated his birthday with such warmth before.

The addition of state-of-the-art machines has added a "feather in the cap" of our startup, delivering unmatched finish and speed in producing custom modular panels. Regular training sessions for our technicians have ensured smooth operation of these machines, making them the backbone of our system. Our design office, the face of the company in front of customers, tirelessly works to bring clients' visions to life. Translating customers' thoughts and imaginations into drawings, mood boards, and 3D models is no easy task, but our design team excels at it.

We have organized numerous marketing events in different housing societies and during the Diwali festival mela, showcasing our capabilities and building a pipeline of happy customers.

Worth mentioning is our IT support, which has been handled entirely by our in-house team. We have successfully rolled out two releases of our company website, enhancing user experience.

This past year has been full of activities, new learnings, and overcoming mistakes and shortcomings. As a young company, we have also been assisting college students through internships, providing exposure not only to this field but also helping build their overall personalities.

Our short-term and long-term roadmaps are clearly drawn. The second year will be aggressive in terms of adding new team members, focusing more on sales and marketing activities, and adding a few new machines to our production line.

We are deeply thankful to all our customers for their support and for giving us the opportunity to work with them. We are grateful for their trust.

Lastly, three cheers to the Haus of Homez team for successfully completing one year. We look forward to a future filled with success, challenges, and rewarding experiences.