From the Production Team : Journey at Haus of Homez

Saurabh Singh & Manish Kumar

Jun 4, 2024

Haus of Homez

We have been working in Haus of Homez from the first day. We have made everything in our office like the kitchen display, table, wardrobe, etc. by ourselves.

We have seen the machines coming and getting installed. We have been given training from time to time.

The first year has gone very fast. Here everyone’s nature and behavior are very good.

The founders and directors of the company talk with all of us in day-to-day work. They teach u many things. They are always ready to resolve any problems that we face in our daily life.

We are very happy to work here. We will always try to do our best and will be dedicated to our work.

And Sir always says, “Here in Haus of Homez when the company grows, we all will grow together”.